• FA 0.001g Series Balance

    Technical Parameters

    Readability: 1mg/0.001g
    Capacity: 500g/600g/1000g
    Electromagnetic sensor
    5-inch color touch screen.
    External Calibration,
    Model S for Internal Calibration.
    Automatic fault detection, overload protection.
    Weighing unit: g,ct, oz, and other units for selection.
    Check weighing, parts counting, percentage weighing.
    Under hook
    RS232 Interface
    5 side glass windshield

  • YZ 0.001g Series Balance

    Product Description
    Configurations and features
    Zero-tracking adjustable
    Filtering adjustable
    Weighing unit lock
    Percentage mode
    Counting measurement mode
    10 Weighing unit: gram, carat, pound, etc
    Horizontal level adjustable
    Large LCD screen
    Built-in accumulator
    AC/DC power supply
    360-degree sealed windshield, shockproof


    Optional configurations
    RS232 port
    Crane balance accessory
    External display