• FGH Series Balance

    Model: FGH
    Capacity: 600g/1000g
    Readability: 0.01g
    Scale body size: 260*185*295(mm)
    Scale housing material: Plastic
    Scale platter material: Plastic with stainless steel pan
    Scale platter size: 120 x 135mm
    Scale Accessories:
    Stainless steel pan (included),
    Adaptor (included),
    RS232 or USB socket,
    glass windshield
    Scale net weight: 2.5 kg
    Power: 6*AA batteries with Adaptor or rechargeable batteries with Adaptor

    Display Type: LCD or LED selectable
    Backlight: Green(default), Red, Blue, or None selectable
    Display size: Front 95 x 35 (mm), Back 65 x 23(mm)
    Display digits: LCD 6.5 digits, LED 7 digits
    Digits height: 15mm
    Color: Creamy white at the top, Dark Blue at the bottom