• YZ 0.01g Series Balance

    Configuration and Features

    Readability: 0.01g
    Capacity: 300g/600g/1000g/2000g.
    Filter adjustable function
    Zero tracking adjustable
    Unit lock function
    Percent function
    Count function
    With ten units of grams, carats, and pounds
    Horizontal adjustment function
    Large screen LCD liquid crystal display
    Built-in battery, both AC and DC
    360-degree high-sealing anti-vibration windshield

    Customized function
    RS232 communication port
    Lower hook weighing
    External monitor

  • YZ-0.01 Square Pan Series Balance

    Configurations and Features

    Readability: 0.01g
    Capacity: 1000g/2000g/3000g/4000g/5000g/6000g
    Zero-tracking adjustable
    Filtering adjustable
    Weighing unit lock
    Percentage mode
    Counting measurement mode
    10 Weighing unit: gram, carat, pound, etc
    Horizontal level adjustable
    Large LCD screen
    Built-in accumulator
    AC/DC power supply
    360-degree sealed windshield & shockproof

    Optional Configurations

    RS232 port
    Crane balance accessory
    External display